About CBD Chem

We are a group of healthcare professionals all with clinical experience. We were made aware of CBD 5 years ago, since that time the evidence and research to support the benefits of CBD continues to grow. From our patient’s perspective we have seen the confusion and problems trying to source and purchase legitimate products containing CBD.

There are many reasons why you should choose CBD Chem, first and foremost is that we supply only Cibdol CBD products.
We are one of the leading lights in the UK CBD arena. We truly understand the UK market and with our close association with Cibdol we are better placed to offer the highest quality CBD products.

Why We Formed CBD Chem

High Quality CBD
CBD Chem was formed, to help source stock and supply the highest quality products on the market, and to make available these products to trustworthy pharmacies, clinics and stores. And for this reason we only supply high quality CBD Products by Cibdol.
Expert Knowledge and Advice
People can see and feel the products, or discuss with suitably qualified health professionals if they need more specific information before purchasing.
Training and Education
We pride ourselves on our training package to health professionals and raising awareness of the potential benefits of CBD to medical professionals.
Obligation of Care
We care deeply about helping our patients and the public. .