Hemp Seed CBD Oil

What is Hemp?

Hemp seeds are a renowned superfood. They contain all kinds of valuable compounds, including plant-based protein, omega 3 and 6, phospholipids, antioxidants, amino acids, and much more. By capturing this in an oil and combining it with the power of CBD, we have produced a health supplement ideal for the daily support of a healthy lifestyle.

The authentic hemp experience

CBD 5% 20%
mg 10/30/50ml 500/1500/2500 2000/6000/-
1 drop 2.5mg 10mg
9 drops 22.5mg 90mg
12 drops 30mg 120mg
Note: CBD weights are based upon the density of water. This weight varies with other substances, temperatures and pressure and should only be viewed as an approximation. Daily maximum intake of CBD is 160mg..
CBD Hemp Seed Oil

Cibdol offers 2 Hemp Seed Oil strengths in different volumes

5% CBD Hemp Seed Oil

Our 5% CBD hemp seed oil is perfect for those looking for a natural and authentic hemp experience.

5% CBD hemp seed oil is available in: 10ml (200+ drops) 500mg CBD, 30ml (600+ drops) 1500mg CBD and 50ml (1000+ drops) 2500mg CBD.

20% CBD Hemp Seed Oil

Boasting a 20% CBD content blended with the benefits of hemp seed oil, this is the most powerful supplement Cibdol has to offer.

20% CBD oil is available in: 10ml (200+ drops) 2000mg CBD, 30ml (600+ drops) 6000mg CBD.