Liposomal Creams

Liposomal CBD Creams

CBD creams from Cibdol are packed with the high-quality CBD our customers have come to expect. All three of our salves: Aczedol, Soridol and Zemadol are optimised with the structural power of liposomes - small, sac-like vesicles made up of one or more lipid bilayers.

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Aczedol, Soridol and Zemadol. Optimised with the structural power of Liposomes.

This allows for a more thorough course of skin nourishment. CBD is appearing in more supplements and creams on the world market, but many are inefficient. Cibdol CBD is fully extracted from organic hemp to support healthy skin.

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Cibdol offers 3 creams, Aczedol, Soridol and Zemadol all packed with the high-quality CBD


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Liposomal Cream Aczedol

Helps in the fight against acne

Aczedol cream utilises the nurturing power of CBD to combat the irritating symptoms of oily and impure skin.

Aczedol’s formula targets the epidermis, initiating a course of thorough rejuvenation. The added power of liposomes allow CBD’s restorative functions to penetrate deeper into the skin than before, reaching the tissues that need it most.


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Liposomal Cream Soridol

Supports the battle against psoriasis

Soridol rejuvenates the skin with CBD, contributing to normal cell growth.

This unique liposomal formula is comprised of selected high-quality herbal ingredients to nourish damaged skin without the harshness of chemicals. Soridol contributes to the skin’s structural and defence systems, refreshing the pathological pathways that trigger symptoms like excessively dry, irritated, or scaly skin.


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Liposomal Cream Zemadol

Assists in the struggle against eczema

Zemadol nourishes sensitive, dry, and irritated skin in the form of a robust cream.

This powerful formula features a rigorous, yet gentle course of beneficial ingredients to reduce the symptoms of irritated and sensitive skin. Zemadol infuses pure CBD and liposomes to combat red, itchy skin and encourage the proliferation of new, healthy skin cells.

FAQ Liposomal CBD Creams

Can you get high from CBD cream?

No, it is not possible to get high from CBD cream. CBD does not contain any psychoactive components (THC).

Why are the Cibdol CBD creams yellow in color?

Cibdol does not want to make any concessions on the quality of its creams by adding dyes.
The yellow color is the result of the use of 100% natural ingredients.

Can the yellow color of the Cibdol cream stain?

Yes. Unfortunately, without affecting the operation, it is not possible to prevent this altogether.
Make sure the cream is completely absorbed before putting on clothing or covering the skin.

What is the best way to use Cibdol CBD cream?

Apply daily (preferably in the morning and evening) thinly and massage gradually into the skin.
The average dose is 3–4 drops, 3 times a day.

How much CBD cream should I apply at a time?

Depending on the problem area, no suitable answer can be given here. The cream should be thinly applied and cover the entire problem area.

Can Cibdol CBD cream help me?

Our creams are specially designed to support the recovery of affected skin due to eczema, acne and psoriasis.