Purified CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in hemp. This non-psychoactive compound exhibits promising and positive benefits when consumed, and is quickly becoming popular in the form of CBD oils. The best CBD is obtained through the process of CO2 extraction, after which the hemp extract is then infused into a number of different products of varying concentrations. CBD is widely considered to provide positive effects when used.

Terpene Enriched

Our new terpene-enriched CBD oil harnesses the beneficial, aromatic presence of terpenes to provide a more wholesome product. Terpenes are the class of compounds that account for the naturally fragrant smell and flavour of hemp, and occur naturally in the plant. Terpenes work synergistically to facilitate the uptake of CBD and augment its benefits. Our terpenes are obtained from Swiss hemp plants, using an all-natural steam-distillation process.
We take great care to maintain the natural synergies of the whole extract when processing. The combination of all the essential cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp work together to facilitate a full “entourage” effect, as opposed to the reduced effect of preparations that contain only one single molecule like CBD. Despite undergoing the purification process, only inactive substances like fats are removed, bringing everything that counts into the oil. This is why we do NOT use 99% CBD crystals: To provide natural, full-spectrum, and fully decarboxylated products.
Dosage: Take 3-4 drops, 3 times per day
Contents: olive oil, hemp extract.

Cibdol oil facilitates a full entourage effect

CBD 2.5% 4% 10%
mg 10/30/50ml 250/750/1250 400/1200/2000 1000/3000/-
1 drop 1.25mg 2mg 5mg
9 drops 11.25mg 18mg 45mg
12 drops 15mg 24mg 60mg
Note: CBD weights are based upon the density of water. This weight varies with other substances, temperatures and pressure and should only be viewed as an approximation. Daily maximum intake of CBD is 160mg..
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CBD exhibits promising benefits when consumed and is quickly becoming popular in the form of CBD oils.
Cibdol offers 3 CBD oil strengths in different volumes

2.5% CBD Oil

The 2.5% CBD oil is ideal for new users looking to acquaint themselves with the dietary benefits of CBD.

2.5% CBD oil is available in: 10ml (200+ drops)
250mg CBD, 30ml (600+ drops) 750mg CBD and 50ml (1000+ drops) 1250mg CBD.

4% CBD Oil

Cibdol 4% CBD oil contains a moderate dose of CBD—suitable for all consumers.

4% CBD oil is available in: 10ml (200+ drops) 400mg CBD, 30ml (600+ drops) 1200mg CBD, 50ml (1000+ drops) 2000mg CBD and softgels (60x6,4mg = 384mg CBD).

10% CBD Oil

Cibdol 10% CBD oil is one of the most potent varieties found on the European market today.

10% CBD oil is available in: 10ml (200+ drops) 1000mg CBD, 30ml (600+ drops) 3000mg CBD and softgels (60x16mg = 960mg CBD).